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We created Union New American as a special gathering place which champions its unmatched cuisine as much as its stunning atmosphere and renowned entertainment. We take pride in Tampa Bay as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, quickly making a name for itself worldwide. We set out to create an unparalleled space that will set Tampa on the map and give it the credit it deserves as a serious player in the food and architecture scene.


KAL HARRIS - General Manager

Kal Harris, a Buffalo native with over 20 years of experience in hospitality, has held prominent roles at several respected culinary establishments across the country. He has expertise in client relations and customer satisfaction, and most recently served as General Manager at the award-winning Ocean Prime for almost 6 years, doubling the revenue. Harris is a key player in Tampa's expanding culinary scene and is currently the General Manager of Next Level Brands' forthcoming concept, Union New American.


next Level Brands Hospitality

Inspired by the culture of hospitality, Next Level Brands strives to elevate the culinary landscape of Tampa Bay; where eating and drinking together is a way of bonding, building connections and making memorable experiences.